Continuum was founded in 2018 after seeing many small business struggle with technology implementations. In February of 2019, Continuum merged with DSS after a successful voice services product deployment. From that point forward, Continuum and DSS worked to build an IT business around supporting small businesses with dynamic IT solutions that catered to the growth and shrinkage that occurs today. I 2019 Q3, Continuum acquired a voice service provder with the vision of expanding the voice offering and IT services to the Tri-State area. With this acquisition, Continuum and DSS gained a large client base that has allowed the company to spread its wings and show the true beliefs and business model that was initially conceived with Continuum Technology Group. Today, Continuum Technology group and DSS work to provide voice, netoworking, alarm, security and system administration services to over 500 clients while still focusing on the initial goal of affordable IT solutions.

Fort Wayne, IN 46804
Telephone: +1 260 740 3140
FAX: + 1 260 340 3147E-mail: info@ctgfw.net